The Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is a charitable trust headquartered in Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka, India. The Trust, set up in November 2015, primarily strives to feed nutritious, well-balanced breakfast to all school-going children in rural India and disadvantaged sections of the society. It also seeks to enable holistic development of children by actively engaging with the school authorities and helping them integrate an ethos of academic as well as human excellence.
The Trust also endeavours to enable rural uplift and transformation by aligning its activities along the four pillars of Vidya (Educare), Vaidya (Healthcare), Vaari (Water) and Vidyuth (Clean Energy), leading to the development of India’s villages as ideal and sustainable.
At Annapoorna, we have always strived to nurture school-going children in rural India and the needy sections of the society, while catering to children’s academic, health, nutritional and emotional needs. The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme focuses on providing daily breakfast to needy school going children, while working towards the objective: “Let no child go to school hungry ever!”

Annapoorna started operations in July 2012 by a few volunteers, and as the activities increased in scale and complexity, it has now blossomed into a platform for more than 600 volunteers to serve, besides thousands of teachers at the schools, who offer their services and collaborate with Annapoorna. Thanks to many caring individuals, like-minded institutional partners and government servants who have constantly supported this noble initiative, Annapoorna now serves nutritious breakfast every day – free of cost – to 500,000 school-going children in over 6,000 centers located across 17 states and 3 Union Territories. Annapoorna works closely with over 800 local vendors in a decentralized model, with customized menu to suit the regional palate, and standardized menu within a region to ensure quality. Apart from the breakfast programme, Annapoorna is also engaged in setting up RO drinking water plants, constructing toilet at village schools and conducting health screening of children.

The Annapoorna volunteers come from various walks of professional life, and are engaged in this service purely out of compassion for the children and a desire to serve our communities. The values we cherish are: Love, humility, compassion, commitment and teamwork. We continue to experience excellent reception from the schools, and have also seen positive impact in terms of increased attendance, better health, and improved academic performance by the children. Teachers say, the children are now arriving to schools well before time!