Our Work

Divine Will Foundation funds various hunger, educational, medical, nutrition, sustainable energy and water purification projects as well as programs focused on spiritual topics and social uplift both in the US and Internationally.



Providing health care to those in need is a primary, core initiative of the Divine Will Foundation. With over 6500 children’s lives saved by the cardiac care centers we support in India, we have faith that we can make a difference. In addition to India, we support medical clinics and hospitals in Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Fiji. This support includes medical camps conducted in rural areas, massive screening projects, and educational efforts aimed at prevention of medical problems. All medical work is of the absolute highest quality conducted by caring, compassionate and highly qualified personnel.Read More »


Education is one of Divine Will Foundation’s core initiatives. Currently we support the Loka Seva Group of Gurukulams in India through the Prashanthi Balamandira Trust (PBMT). This is a unique and innovative approach to education based on the ancient education system of India which imparts a values-based education free of cost to children in rural India.  This includes both a complete academic education through graduate school as well as a spiritual education based on the non-sectarian teachings of the ancient Sanatana Dharma.Read More »


Another core initiative for the Divine Will Foundation is its focus on eradicating hunger in the USA and internationally. In the US, we have a number of feeding projects being conducted by our members in nine USA locations. DWF also supports the Annapoorna Breakfast Program which is serving over 500,000 underprivileged children a nutritious breakfast each day throughout India.Read More »

Centers for human development

The Divine Will Foundation supports Centers for Human Development in the USA. We have also provided support to similar projects in Mexico and Argentina. These centers provide a place where workshops on a variety of topics, spiritual retreats, service projects and lectures supporting the uplift of society are held.Read More »