Pray, Volunteer and Advocate

The Divine Will Foundation has several suggestions on how you can help in your community to assist those in need. If you are inspired and ready to serve, read further about ways to help:

Most of you have heard about the power of prayer. To us, this is a very important service that you can provide. Praying for the well-being of others that are suffering lets you share your compassion and love for humanity as well as the earth and all its inhabitants. We believe that your prayers directly impact our work in very real ways.
All of our projects can use additional volunteers. Whether you can help occasionally or every week, the volunteers at these projects can put you to work! Each project is providing important service for those in need in their community. To serve at one of these projects, please go to the USA Project page to find the project of interest to you. Each project provides contact information to obtain further information about volunteering.
Become an Advocate
Sharing positive self-transformation stories with others brings awareness to the challenges people face in the USA and globally, and offers hope for solutions. It often creates inspiration and an inner call to action. You may not be able to serve at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, but you can inspire others with your sharing. Everyone has stories to share that can educate and uplift. In the modern world, most of the focus is on pain and suffering with not much attention paid to the effective ways that have been found to make a difference. Become a champion of change by sharing stories of transformation. You will be amazed at the impact as you inspire others to action.
Start Your Own Service Project
If you live in a city or town which is not currently listed on the USA Project page, we encourage you to do some research in your community to see where the need is. You can start your own project based on your research or join groups already working to help those in your town.
Volunteer Your Professional Abilities
The various foundations and centers located in the USA also need volunteer help. There is a need for those who have time for creating or updating websites, writing and editing, graphic artists for various projects such as creating newsletters and emailing them (Constant Contact or MailChimp), online brochures and booklets (especially use of Adobe InDesign), posters, logos, letterheads, business cards and such. Also needed are transcribers, audio/visual techs and professional photographers. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these services, click the link below for our volunteer sign up page through the One World One Sai website:
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