USA Centers For
Human Development

CHD, Los Gatos,
Silicon Valley, California

In 2016, a 24.7-acre property in Los Gatos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley was chosen to become the West Coast Center for Human Development.  The property winds up a hill that overlooks the entire valley and is surrounded by a nature reserve filled with beautiful trees and wildlife. Across from the property there is a picturesque reservoir that has a wonderful “lake” feel to it.   Numerous workshops, retreats, service projects and talks will be held for the local community and members of the center alike once the property is developed.

CHD, Carlisle,
Boston, Massachusetts

In January 2018, an exquisite home was purchased in a suburb of Boston called Carlisle.  This serene and peaceful four-acre property includes a house that is perfectly suited to be a center both in size and in design that is nestled in a wonderful wood-like setting.  It seems almost as if the trees are “hugging” the house. Programs will be regularly held that will address Parenting, Values Leadership and Management, Compassionate Health, Guru Vikas (teaching the teachers Values Education), Meditation, Growing to Be God (a spiritual way of teaching children by rediscovering the innate goodness through self-discovery), Psychology and Spirituality.